Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a wonderful and smooth camping trip! The first night we were able to leave the windows open and actually no A/C until daylight. I was so pleased we were able to use the sinks and bathroom inside the trailer! This time I had time to organize a menu and prepare food was so simple and easy!

I actually pulled out my drawing pencils and water colors and was inspired by the scenery...there were lots of other campers, but on the edge of the campground we had a great view of woods, fields and lake. Can't wait until we have time and the experience to "boon dock".

We are also looking forward to a "family camping trip" those lights around the picnic tables look really cute! We enjoy all the little kids running around with water balloons and squirt guns chasing their cousins.

I had a special "dumping" seminar before we hit the road! Thank you Dick Sills! We sure hope that all of that "stuff" went through the Airstream ...and is not still in there somewhere? (The folks at the Airstream Park think I am over worrying about this.)

Once home as Bill hurried to unhook and unload the truck, he missed a step!!! He had assured me that he had everything taken care of and I could start unloading the trailer (dirty cloths etc..) ......when I was flipped over and shaken half out of my wits! The trailer would still be rolling with me bouncing around had it not hit the fence!
Needless to say both of us checking the list is very important....lesson learned!


Tomara Armstrong said...

That was scary to read about. I am glad that fence was there, too. I can't wait to see you today, and I am also looking forward to seeing what you created (your art) on the trip.

Love you!

DON said...

One time I was camping in Homer Alaska, unhooked, on a steep hill, and in the middle of the night a strong wind came up and rocked the RV loose and it started rolling down hill. It stopped when it hit a power pole. luckily I had a bottle of scotch with me to calm me down. yes, it put a BIG dent in the RV. Boon-Docking if fun!