Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Ready: A Camping Check List

See that photo of me "Getting Ready" well there is allot more to getting ready than meets the eye.


_ Learn to open and close the awning

I heard all kinds of stories about storms coming and whipping your awning apart. Then the warning: ALWAYS pull up the awning before getting ready for bed. (One looks foolish running around in nightclothes flapping in the wind and rain trying to get hold of that awning) Sure enough, the second night the awning gets left up...we get a wind and rain storm..."He said" (Bill), never listens to me
......oh maybe I am looking at this all wrong
...he's just an adventurer, living in the moment!

_Learn to hitch up

That was camping trip #1. What you didn't hear yet was how impressive our Airstream Buddies Carl and Cindy were when they towed our new airstream home. They worked with such impressive co-operation and looked so "professional" it was hard to believe Bill and I could ever manage that kind of communication. They used hand not the Jersey salute..although it's a good one to know and I am sure I will need that one soon!
So we begin...and the person in the truck, backing up, that would be Bill of course...had the windows up...hey it's hot in Texas! He cannot hear anything I am hand signals it is!

_ Learn how to use the dump

Grey water, black volunteers to help..but at last a very candid Airstream buddy explained all of the procedures...even milking....???
This is to be practiced on the next trip...which should be accompanied by lots of " eye rolling"...our granddaughter will be with us!

We'll keep you posted!


Tomara Armstrong said...

Ewe @ Milking! Are you going to make Phoebe do it for you?


I think you and dad's hand signals aren't near as polite as your friends... just sayin' ;-)

Love you!

Cathy Olliffe said...

Tomara told me to stop by and say hi– she didn't mention what fun writers her folks are!
I'm a camper myself and I gotta say the whole hitching, backing up and dumping the septic tank is a perfectly good reason for divorce in some parts! The actual camping is worth it, though.
Love the Airstream!