Sunday, September 5, 2010

Colorado Springs Vacation

Vacation ...??? Colorado Springs? I must admit I had worked myself into a real frenzy before we left. You see I work at an Airstream Community...and I hear all of the mishaps that occur. It was my great luck to meet a couple the week before we were to leave that had forgotten to raise the hitch post. Now if you have read our blogs. You will recall that Bill talked about almost driving off with the post down....and realizing it...he immediately stopped and corrected the situation. It shook me up royally! Then when this couple came in...with the hitch post at a perfect perpendicular angle, the Airstream had a huge dent in the side (he) couldn't back it up, they were getting a divorce, they had seen too much of each other, they couldn't unhitch. really made me think Bill and I had made a big mistake...we might not should have done this adventure. I kept thinking of ways to NOT go on such a long trip.

My dear husband is much more adventurous than me! He was sure (he does the driving) we could handle this! So early on a Saturday morning we begin our trek to Colorado Springs. Bill is an interstate driver but with Airstream in tow, he is enjoying the two lane scenic routes. I navigate with maps and GPS and i-phone. Usually on a trip I read....not this time. I was too busy making sure we stayed on the path and took it slow and easy. The nice thing about a GPS is that the speed you are traveling is right there in front of the navigator...(I didn't have to obviously leer over the dash board to see the speedometer). It only took me one shriek of "Bill you are going 70 miles an hour!" to get him into a speed I felt comfortable with.

We traveled along and made it to our stopping point before dark. Free parking in a city park in Dumas, TX. After circling the area a few times we decided the last place was for us! What a great thing, to have an electric hook up for free!

Next day we are out early and are into New Mexico and climbing the mountains at Raton Pass. This has been another fear I had worked myself into. Another blogger Cathy Olliffe had recommended that we watch the old Lucy movie "The Long Long Trailer" That was pretty funny.....but it left me a bit intimidated. I have been through that pass before and we thought nothing of it...of course we weren't pulling a long long trailer then either!

It was with great joy that we arrived at our chosen RV park. We had requested a pull through....unfortunately, there were none left! The gentleman assured me we had a lovely place along the creek. We were packed in like a sardine...backing up to the edge of the creek.

We called our kids, my son is in the Army at Fort Carson. We were finishing our "unhooking procedures...with check lists in hand" when they found us! Now three very curious little girls Trinity, Katie and Madison give us hugs and kisses and begin the exploration of the Airstream. After a thorough inspection, Katie wants to know where the stirring wheel is. I am not sure she can appreciate all we have been through.

Our evenings were filled with grand kids and visiting with George and Alison. It was great getting to see them and we enjoyed the view of Pikes Peak from the back yard.

During the day, we did the tourist thing and climbed rocks (loaded rocks into the Lucy) and relaxed a bit.

Traveling home I was much more comfortable. I found that Bill was great at getting into parking spaces...with no one around us, was able to maneuver into the gas stations and out with no damage. He drove safely and carefully averaging about 50 to 55 miles an hour. We did great!

I am starting to believe he wanted to do this adventure just so he could show off his skills! He's pretty cool!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a wonderful and smooth camping trip! The first night we were able to leave the windows open and actually no A/C until daylight. I was so pleased we were able to use the sinks and bathroom inside the trailer! This time I had time to organize a menu and prepare food was so simple and easy!

I actually pulled out my drawing pencils and water colors and was inspired by the scenery...there were lots of other campers, but on the edge of the campground we had a great view of woods, fields and lake. Can't wait until we have time and the experience to "boon dock".

We are also looking forward to a "family camping trip" those lights around the picnic tables look really cute! We enjoy all the little kids running around with water balloons and squirt guns chasing their cousins.

I had a special "dumping" seminar before we hit the road! Thank you Dick Sills! We sure hope that all of that "stuff" went through the Airstream ...and is not still in there somewhere? (The folks at the Airstream Park think I am over worrying about this.)

Once home as Bill hurried to unhook and unload the truck, he missed a step!!! He had assured me that he had everything taken care of and I could start unloading the trailer (dirty cloths etc..) ......when I was flipped over and shaken half out of my wits! The trailer would still be rolling with me bouncing around had it not hit the fence!
Needless to say both of us checking the list is very important....lesson learned!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Ready: A Camping Check List

See that photo of me "Getting Ready" well there is allot more to getting ready than meets the eye.


_ Learn to open and close the awning

I heard all kinds of stories about storms coming and whipping your awning apart. Then the warning: ALWAYS pull up the awning before getting ready for bed. (One looks foolish running around in nightclothes flapping in the wind and rain trying to get hold of that awning) Sure enough, the second night the awning gets left up...we get a wind and rain storm..."He said" (Bill), never listens to me
......oh maybe I am looking at this all wrong
...he's just an adventurer, living in the moment!

_Learn to hitch up

That was camping trip #1. What you didn't hear yet was how impressive our Airstream Buddies Carl and Cindy were when they towed our new airstream home. They worked with such impressive co-operation and looked so "professional" it was hard to believe Bill and I could ever manage that kind of communication. They used hand not the Jersey salute..although it's a good one to know and I am sure I will need that one soon!
So we begin...and the person in the truck, backing up, that would be Bill of course...had the windows up...hey it's hot in Texas! He cannot hear anything I am hand signals it is!

_ Learn how to use the dump

Grey water, black volunteers to help..but at last a very candid Airstream buddy explained all of the procedures...even milking....???
This is to be practiced on the next trip...which should be accompanied by lots of " eye rolling"...our granddaughter will be with us!

We'll keep you posted!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Camping at Lake Whitney

Bill had no memory of earlier conversations about leaving on Friday for our camping trip. What can I say, he's a man!

Carl, an Airstream buddy, came by just as the tension was becoming taunt...(perfect timing). We got another lesson on hitching up....and we needed it! I grabbed our stuff and food, and threw it inside before Bill could change his mind.

Off for our first camping trailer looks good rambling along behind us! Bill amazed me with his ability to back it into our selected spot...and even close to the electric hook up ...and lined up almost perfectly with the little crushed granite patio.

Since we were stressed handeling the hitch up procedures, not using the water & sewer systems seemed like a good idea....the idea was to relax and having another big learing curve didn't seem to be the best way to accomplish that. We'll wait until the fall to deal with the propane...another stressful learning curve.

Our poor Maggie does not seem to excited about the next trip...hopefully she can bear with us and our sojurns into the "wilderness" until the cooler temperatures come.

Bill's side of the story: HERE

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting Ready